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David Armitage


My interest in photography spans more than 30 years and was greatly inspired by the photographs in ‘James Herriot’s Yorkshire’ taken by photographer Derry Brabbs. I also admire the work of the Victorian photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

I use an Olympus E5  camera  with lenses ranging from 12mm to 200mm (24mm to 400mm in 35mm terms). I invariably  use  a tripod and carry a series of Lee graduated ND filters and a polarizing filter.




Welcome to David Armitage Photography


I hope you enjoy my collection of photographs and I hope that you will follow my progress as I trace Yorkshire’s rivers, from their beginnings  high in the Yorkshire Pennines, on their journey through the countryside and villages of the Yorkshire Dales and on into the North Sea.  

I regularly add images to the galleries so please check  frequently for updates.


 David Armitage

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Yorkshire’s rivers, from source to sea
.....Latest photographs, Friday 21st April, Harrogate...